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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sad day: the Rosa Mulliganii came down (08-30-08)

This is totally hearsay, but this is as I understand it: the people who seemed (semi-)interested in the house apparently came to see it with their parents, and the parents may have preferred another house that had just come on the market, etc. Result: no offer.

In the meantime, since we had apparently nothing better to do today, we spent the afternoon cleaning the yard, and filling the trailer with year debris.

G. cut down the climbing rose (rosa mulliganii) from the cedar tree, a sad thing, since it took me 14 years to get that thing to climb up and stay in the upper branches rather than snagging me as I walked by. (Picture me standing up on a chair and trying to get the long thorny shoots to loop over the cedar branches with a rake held up high over my head, and them cascading down on head). Anyway, we did this after an arborist had assured G. that the rose would eventually block the sunlight from reaching the branches, and thus impede needle production, etc. So, it's been all cut down. G. was very happy, I guess, as happy as anyone can be after quasi-nagging me for 14 years about how the rose-this and the rose-that, and he finally got to take it down.

Looking up this rose on the web tonight, I just found out that it is the "perfect" rose to grow on cedar trees. Whatever. I have, like, so much moved on mentally that I don't care. All that's left is the base and the roots, and that, I am going to dig up and take with me wherever I go. No point leaving anything that people won't appreciate. Call me cynical; I just take comments that my yard is a "jungle" rather personally.

In the end, and surprisingly enough, the yard looks bigger. Let's see if that gets us some traffic, haha, and maybe people will notice that there IS a yard, all 60 x 100 of it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Procrastinating...again (08-27-08)

Well, today, we had another one of those speed-clean-the-house moments, because the house had to be shown. It's pretty difficult to keep everything clean all the time. What is even more annoying is to hear lame "feedback" comments and complaints, such as "But there's no yard..." (said in an annoying nasal voice). Yes, there IS a yard: right in front of the house and on the side of it. No, it's not a private yard where you can romp around in the nude, but it IS larger than the standard city lot.

Consequently, I still haven't posted any drawings.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Phil Spector: An Interesting Face and Name (ca. 08-08)

This is an old drawing I did in 2007 from a newspaper photo of 60s record producer Phil Spector during his first trial for murder.
I'm not trying to be funny here, but the name kinda matches the face...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coming soon... (08-10-08)

...to this blog: Maxine's posts in comics format.

Yessiree, it'll be FUN, it'll be THOUGHT-PROVOKING, it'll be AMAZING!!!

(I can hardly wait.)

Family Tensions (08-10-08)

Gotta post this, it's too funny...

I just love these quick comic sketches I drew thinking of Gary when he got upset one day, as an idea for a possible comics story.
I tried to work on the expressions and the movement

Saturday, August 9, 2008

First impressions (08-09-08)

All right. It's time to get this stuff posted and stop berating myself for not doing anything creative. In fact, I got more creativity than I know what to do with, but what I don't have is MOTIVATION. So, in an effort to remedy the problem,



(PS: the above text was not yelling; it was just an official announcement)