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Friday, November 23, 2007

Performance Art in Brussels (11-23-07)

On my last evening in Brussels, I witnessed one of the most chilling art performances ever: women of all ages wearing wedding dresses, dancing on the Grand' Place in front of the Brussels City Hall.

It was eery; ghostlike figures moving about, some quickly, some dragging their feet, in turn grotesque or gracious...
The Interpretation of Marriage
I approached to get a better view of what they were doing. They were miming various tasks and the impact marriage had on the condition of women, ranging from exaggerated bliss to extreme suffering.

Then the doors to the City Hall were open, and the group went upstairs, followed by the crowd that had been watching their performance.

The interesting thing about the Brussels City Hall is that the room where weddings take place is never open to the public outside of an actual such event, and so this was an exceptional opportunity to see it. Good grief! Gorgeous! And as spectacular as the outside...

The women put on another performance, this time, to beautiful, sad music. It was enchanting.
Inside the Brussels City Hal
Women Faces
With only a few hours before my flight back to the United States, I already felt very homesick for Belgium, even though I was still there.

I reluctantly left after 10 PM, looked once again at the market place, now dark, deserted, and went my way, full of regrets unexpressed.

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