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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Maxine'ss BD: Gripes about Sundays (ca. 05-03)

...Where P. (aka Maxine) is fed up with Sundays. (ca. 05-03)


  1. Fun! But how true! I gave up when our daughter was a baby and that was when she decided to have messy diapers and I would have to walk back down the aisle with everyone giggling....embarrassing...now I would just laugh, but back then...every Sunday....it wasn't amusing.

  2. It sounds like a normal family household on a Sunday! There is always one person who seems to be the designated late person for everything. And husbands usually do take care of themselves and pick on the wife for not being ready on time (of course wife was busy getting everyone else ready besides herself). Yep, sounds typical. It's amazing Sunday church services have stayed around for so long!

  3. Hi Pascale; I love your sketches! Your blog is just great.
    Apologies for non-returned phone calls. ugh. Just getting back to "normal" after wedding and Art and Soul craziness. Hope you are well. Talk to you soon.

  4. Hello Pascale, we met at the PubWest event last Friday and I wanted to stop by and see a bit more of your work. It's great stuff. You mention in your profile snippet wanting to possibly publish.

    You should look into an author named Lynda Barry (she wrote One! Hundred! Demons!). She has a style similar to yours. The best way to break into the business these days is to research the market, find artists and writers similar to your style, and see which publishing companies lent them success. Although I believe Lynda started with a webcomic like you. Just a thought.

    Also, if you ever feel you need an editor for one of your projects, I'd be happy to read your work.

    Nancy D'Inzillo