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Friday, May 22, 2009

Maxine's BD: Trip to San Francisco, Part 4

...Where the CHS Choir sees Alcatraz (or doesn't) before leaving for Portland.

(Post Scriptum: Although the author is pretty sure she's got a great memory, the exact chronology of some events may differ, clothes colors may vary, etc.)


  1. Wonderful, Pascal! I really like your comic book stories.

  2. I read all of it and loved it! Will the choir kids get to see it? I hope so. Very cool record of the trip.

  3. I thought you could have left in a few more of the gory details. Otherwise, very nice

  4. Hmm... Not sure what you mean by "gory details," because there really were none. True, there were some glitches and frustrations, but nothing was overall unmanageable (and that's a good thing).