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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Efficiency Expert at Church (05-11-10)

This is a sketch of an "Efficiency Expert"who came to give a presentation at my church.
She went in great details over the benefits of using the many (unmatched) mini lazy-susan spinning trays ("for toiletries!"), pink fabric drawer inserts ("so cute"), drawer organizers ("for toothbrushes and toothpaste!"), etc. she'd brought with her. It was a bit obsessive-compulsive, but to each his own...
Yet, the suggestion that these props were a necessary means to an organized house (and an implied condition for the ultimate goal of pleasing God) struck me as ridiculous and laughable. I don't think God cares about the state of my drawers.


  1. My drawers are immaculately clean therefore I have a ticket to heaven? Oops, sorry, I forgot... they are only clean because they are empty... and only empty because everything is strewn about the place.. but hey, my drawers are clean.

  2. I wasn't the one implying that clean drawers are a ticket to Heaven. I just thought that God probably has many more pressing issues, with the state the world is in, than someone's organized house...You know, like that oil spill...THAT's a pressing issue.

  3. I actually know that lady. She would have been my best friend's mother in law. Somehow we escaped that tragedy. Thank goodness!