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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Light to Shine Through the Night (09-24-10)

I've been going to several lighting stores over the last couple of months, hoping to find a light fixture or two for the art studio (previously called "the shed"). There wasn't much that I liked, though. I wanted a distinctive light, but one I could afford (requirement that apparently cancel each other out).
Yet I kept thinking about a chandelier I'd seen at Hippo Hardware as one that would be perfect for the dining room. The looping drapery cord design, the bright gold paint finish struck me as a somewhat charming 1960s gaudy interpretation of a more classic and timeless style. So, after giving myself a generous few weeks of going back to look at it and thinking about it, I finally purchased it. (Who ever said I'm impulsive?) And thanks, once again, to Jim McDonald, for excellent customer service.

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