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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family Newsletter (02-13-11)

I decided to post the family newsletter we sent to friends and family at the end of November.

The misadventures we've lived through in the last couple of years were easily adaptable to the comics format and were more entertaining to look at than a humdrum banal typed letter...


  1. Loved it! And I don't even know your family. Great idea, too, for a holiday newsletter.

  2. I love the telling of your unfortunate but heroic tales. You are very talented! I hope better luck heads your way in 2011 for sure!!

  3. Wonderful! I bet they loved it, well except for all the bad things that happened!

  4. Fabulous cartoon!
    What a pity to leave that beautiful kitchen behind... I've seen pictures of it before, it's lovely. Also, a very similar layout to the kitchen I'm hoping to create, right down to the 36" vintage-style range!