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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finally! A resolution (11-02-11)

Hard to believe, but we had a meeting of the minds.

Papers were signed, this just one day before the official court date. My two ladies (previous owner and her agent) were quite chatty, -even friendly-, as we were signing rounds of documents, mine specifying that I would not hound them any further, and theirs that they would pay for french drains to be installed between the house and the studio, and for some work to be completed under the house.

After we were done, George (our buyer's agent) and I braved the frigid weather to celebrate with a cup of hot tea at Village Coffee. It had been an exhausting process, but we were both glad it was over.

The odds of winning in small claims court were rather good, we thought, but Gary and I felt better with a compromise where all parties could feel that they had come out with something... Big relief to be done with this and to be able to move on with other things.

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