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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WiPP Meeting (09-17-13)

This month, the Women in Portland Publishing (WiPP) met at Powell's Books for a special tour of the Rare Book Room.

Since I am late all the time, I got there at the end of the tour, but in time to take a look around the space, a wonderful square room on the third floor of the bookstore, decorated with wood paneling in the style of a 19th century library room. My impression, based on my memory of the last time I had been there was that with many books front-faced organized to fill the shelves, there are fewer books than in the past.

We went on to Deschutes Brewery, a very popular meeting place, to spend a couple hours trying to shout over the roars of the crowd.

I sat near artist Anne Connell and, bored with the inability to follow aor participate in any conversation, retreated in my sketchbook to draw her.

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