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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TV: "Lost": Last Season Premiere (02-02-10)

We've been without a television since the beginning of November, so we watched the much-anticipated Lost season opener at the house of some friends of ours (delicious brownies).
Like every time I've watched Lost, I didn't understand anything to what was happening. (In a nutshell: Locke isn't really himself, 'cause he's dead; Jacob is God-like but gets killed nevertheless; Sayid dies but -just kiddin'- he wasn't really dead after-all; various alternate reality situations run parallel to each other, etc.)
I did these drawings in my sketchbooks during the show.


  1. I don't watch the show, so not familiar with nay of the actors, but you sketches have lots of life in them. Nice work.

  2. Lovely sketches and very nice facial expression :)

  3. Nice sketches -- recognizable! I find it incredibly difficult to sketch figures from TV. I especially like Hurley!