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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Buried Treasure Project: Why I draw (07-18-10)

[I am reposting this post from 09-25-08 as part of Seth's Buried Treasure project on his blog The Altered Page.]

[The best way I can think of revisiting the past is to look through my old sketchbooks, so this image came immediately to mind.]

My sketchbooks are a source of comfort and pleasure. Whenever I feel bored or unsure about a situation, or when I plain don't feel like being sociable, I know that, in my purse, a world of escape awaits. They are my memory of events I enjoyed, my record of places visited, my outlet for what can't always quite be said in words.


  1. Great sketch!
    I feel the same way about my idea books which are filled to the brim with sketched ideas and thoughts.

  2. Thanks for posting this one! I've only one - It's getting old and worn out, but I revisit it occasionally as I have BLANK PAGES in it. Are these filled???

  3. I always have a sketch book with me, and I go back to them over and over, they hold all those random thoughts that just pop in and out of my head, tangents from work I am making, places to revisit when I am stuck in the studio, couldn't live without them!!!

  4. What a great choice- selecting your sketchbook artwork. Very different and makes me want to quickly pick up a journal and start to draw. THanks for this wonderful trigger of a thought!!!

  5. Brilliant website, I had not come across the-hyphenate.blogspot.com earlier during my searches!
    Carry on the superb work!