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Friday, July 2, 2010

Remodeling by Intuition? (07-02-10)

I hired a team to work under the house to shore up the posts, and as they set out to crawl under the house this morning, I suddenly had a real bad, creepy, feeling that something bad may happen, a feeling of dread that kept on increasing with time. So I made the contractor stop and told him that I felt uncomfortable with them being under the house. The poor guy looked totally baffled. But I felt much better once they were out of the crawlspace and gone.
I can't figure out if I an apprehensive about spending money (all the money we'd set aside for improvements is spoken for), if it is about this particular team doing the work, or if it is because the crawlspace had been sprayed with pesticide only the day before, and I am concerned about any residual fumes... Most worrisome: could it be one of those premonitions I get every once in a while, that something bad may happen..?


  1. All I know is that whenever I have ignored my intuition, I have regretted it. I think it's always smart to listen to that nagging feeling.