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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Emergency Preparedness with the OGGs (03-20-11)

A friend, Laurie Sonnenfeld, suggested I go to meet the OGGs, the Oak Grove Gals, who meet once a month. The meeting was at the home of Jean Chapin, a clay artist (see her work at Greenware Pottery).

The meeting theme was, ahem, earthquake preparedness, pretty pertinent given the recent natural events in Japan. We discussed creating small self-sustained neighborhood groups, with knowledge shared of resources and abilities. I decided to refresh our 72-hour kits, by replacing the food items I threw out a while back. The idea is still a great one, which is to fill wide mouthed gallon containers with everything that may be useful and necessary (snacks, wipes, multi-use knife, gum, pre-packed small portion meals, etc.)
A sketch reworked with Photoshop
As for the sketch, since these portraits spilled over two pages of my sketchbook, I copy/pasted the two portraits from the second page onto the first one, after moving three of the portraits of the first page to make some room (I couldn't quite figure out how to re-orient that drawing on the bottom, though).

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  1. Hi Pascale, Love the sketch of the OGGs. I'm glad you found it useful. Have you been back?