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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stan Ridgway Concert! (03-08-11)

Last night, Gary and I went to the Stan Ridgway concert at Mississsippi Studios.

It was a small, almost intimate affair with some old die-hard fans. But what a concert! We all had an absolutely great time hearing old Wall of Voodoo favorites ("The Factory," "Lost Weekend," "Camouflage," etc.), a couple of Drywall numbers, as well as new songs from the Neon Mirage album. There is nothing like hearing this live. I love the stories told in the songs, and the the music is still so very, very cool...
From left to right, Pietra Wexstun, Bruce Zelesnik, Stan Ridgway and Rick King.

And, as after every concert, the band was available for small talk and signing CDs, posters...and my sketchbook.Call
The signatures were removed, but this is the sketch I spent most of my time on.

And, as after every concert, the band was available for small talk and signing CDs, posters (and my sketchbook).
Thrilled fan meets favorite songwriter.


  1. That's so cool that they signed your sketchbook! You look very happy in the photo.

  2. Wahou... Deux stars ensemble!

    Très chouettes tes dessins Pascale!

  3. You did a great joh on getting the dark atmosphere and illuminated areas on the first sketch. Sounds like a good night!

  4. Wow, that would be an awesome evening! Wonderful sketches!