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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Tepid Party to Start Design Week (10-07-13)

As part of Design Week PDX, ADX was the host site for the launch of the Design Museum, and a tepid affair it was. So tepid that I didn't even fell like pulling out my sketchbook.

The "museum" site consisted of, from what I saw, a smallish room with a custom mini trailer finished in wood, a couple of sleek wood and metal tables and three or four paintings on the wall. Very nice workmanship.

There was free food and drinks. I can't speak for the beer, since I didn't taste it, but the pizza from Hot Lips Pizza was disappointing, barely lukewarm, quasi-impossible to cut with a fork, and consisted of a hard crust topped by a thick bread cushion topped with a thin layer of meager toppings. It was like biting into a pillow.

Despite the nice mixes by DJ Gregarious, people stood around looking bored; frankly, I have seen more animation in a cemetery.

Let's be positive and tell ourselves that other Design Week events will be more exciting.
Bore me to tears...

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