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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sketchnoting Workshop (10-26-13)

After the Sketchnoting workshop, we went to an interesting storytelling event about race at Hipbone Studio, ranging from discrete black-on-black discrimination, childhood memories, to blatant job discrimination, to end with civil right era memories.

Here are my "sketch notes," as done listening to the speakers, Willie Welch, Donna Kelly, Paula Small, and Judith Mowry. My conclusions about the experience? I still rely on portrait sketching to get an insight about the person, while jotting down some abbreviated notes and using devices (arrows?) that somewhat follow the ideas of sketch-noting.
At left: the organizers; at right: Willie Welch

At left: Donna Kelly

At left: Paula Small; at right: Judith Mowry


  1. Great idea. I really like these. There is so much going on and I'm sure those notes mean something to you. Fabulous!

  2. …and your chalkboard art is amazing. Do you do this all over Portland? Wow.

  3. I do chalk artwork as a freelancer and also for two New Seasons Market stores (Raleigh Hills and Nyberg Rivers).