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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dr. Sketchy Event (01-26-14)

I hadn't attended a Dr. Sketchy event for a while, so this was a nice opportunity to work on figure drawing. The model was Angelique Devil, a sculptural beauty with long, gorgeous legs.

I, of course, got there late, so got to task immediately. The first images were quick 2-minute poses.

I like the center image, with the more casual, relaxed pose. I also like that I managed to catch the shoe soles and give them some volume.

The pose on the left is the once I consider to be the most successful of all. The center pose was the most challenging one; I was sitting in the front row, and being that close is a challenge in itself.

None of the figure sketches catch the model's facial features or expressions; I was focused on the body, not the face. This portrait is more or less closer to what she looked like, but not quite...

Another challenge: how to draw a body so that the parts touching the floor don't look flat?
 Same here: I feel as if the crossed legs are a separate entity from the torso.

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