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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Celebrating the New Year...at Pix Pâtisserie (01-01-08)

On News Year's Eve, G. and I went to Pix Pâtisserie to end a frustrating year in a fun way.

We found a little spot in a corner by the bar and sipped a Ginger Ale while I drew the crowd and enjoyed the ear-splitting Techno.

As for the after-midnight Chocolate Buffet, I loved it! It was the most decadently self-indulgent thing I had ever done! It was like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," only, it was more like "Pascale at Pix Pâtisserie."
Right after midnight, all those who had been given a small Gold ticket lined up and went single-file into the kitchen, where a long table was covered with chocolate pastries, chocolate creams, chocolate mousse, chocolates...


  1. This is brilliant! I love it and well done. I love to people watch myself and then TRY and draw. This is splendid!

  2. I kind of wish I had been there to witness this chocolate indulgence

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