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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rose Festival Meeting (01-24-09)

J. had to attend an informational meeting organized by the Rose Festival Association because she applied and for the Rose Festival Princess program and was found eligible to participate.
I think it's great to see J. continue what seems to be a family tradition at this point, since both sisters M. and V. had also applied when they were high school Seniors.
This is a perfect opportunity for a young woman to learn to be confident, to talk in public, and to have a chance at representing the city.

I was late to the meeting due to a prior engagement and barely had time to start this sketch before the meeting was over.

Update: See the article in the Portland Mercury about how it unfolded...

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  1. I'm so excited for J. She failed to mention it when I called- seemingly overwhelmed by all the college applications for scholarships that she needs to finish (and that I got the impression she was ignoring)... anyway- I hope she makes it. I can see the platform now: Cure Child Obesity Now!....by including fun activities like DDR in the curriculum.