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Thursday, January 15, 2009

On the Bus (01-14, 01-15-09)

Years ago, as I was sitting and drawing a woman who looked a little, let's say, mad (like crazy), she suddenly jumped up from her seat and sat down next to me. I immediately shut my sketchbook. She leaned over my book and asked what I was drawing. I reopened the book at random, relieved she hadn't seen the drawing I'd done of her. Since then, I try to be discreet and to not look too obvious; I don't want someone to get upset with me.
To draw people in a closed environment like a bus, I glance at people once in a while and try to remember details of their faces, adding them in afterward if necessary.


  1. Interesting - you've answered a question I asked on Saturday, well before I asked it! I was having this problem on the train last Thursday and I was trying to do exactly that, but my visual memory isn't all that good. Does it improve with practice I wonder?

    In the end I tried to do 2 at once, then if one person caught my eye I'd look at the other one. It didn't work too well though...

  2. I like this jumble of heads. Kind of a scary encounter on the bus, though.