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Thursday, May 17, 2012

ArtSpark and Brasserie Montmartre (05-17-12)

ArtSpark was hosted by Sweet Hereafter this month. The usual hipster crowds mixing with various subcategories of Portland coolness were treated to displays set by I [Heart] Art: Portland, PDX Pipeline, RACC, and other sponsors. I was too busy filling out entry forms for the drawings to take the time to sketch the goings-on. I was particularly interested in the Nomad Brush, a very cool brush to paint on the iPad... And best of all, I was thrilled to win it! (Bwahahah!)
I drew the faces on the iPad screen with
the kiddie version of the Nomad Brush.

Afterwards, I briefly stopped by Church to visit some lady friends who were working on various crafts projects.

And since the night was still young, I took the opportunity to stop by the Brasserie Montmartre where, for their first anniversary, there was 60s French music hosted by French DJ Cecilia Paris, and a nice ambiance. I took advantage of the free fries, free cheese and olives that were offered, and ordered my usual Coke with Grenadine. Comfortably set to observe the scene, my attention was caught by a Retro style couple sitting at the bar. The back of the guy's black T-shirt said "Teach Your Children to Worship Satan"; pretty outrageous... :)
I was perfectly placed to work on this study (while munching on french fries and sipping a delectable Coke with Grenadine), I could work over my sketch and give it a finish I rarely have or take the time to do. Nice results.

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