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Monday, September 15, 2008

Maxine's BD: Paris, Part 3 (ca. 07-08)

...Where Maxine eats on the cheap and goes on the Champs-Élysées...


  1. I'm glad Maxine finally made it to the hotel and her shower and big, comfy bed. Too bad the Chinese artist was hauled away before she could do the names for you, though she might be back another day.

    Wish I had some money to send you.

    Looking forward to more of Mixine's Comics.

  2. I love your economy of line and the way you add color. You also capture body language really well. I enjoyed these!!

  3. Your journal is great, really fun! I loved the part when you buy books, and the big smile on your face, I understand that very well!
    My guess for the Chinese artist is that she didn't pay, but the Gypsies did... (I'm french and not happy with the politics we have now...)

  4. Maxine, I really love your comic strip stuff. I've just spent quite some time reading your adventures in Paris. They took me on a trip down memory lane and made me smile.

    Very entertaining work. Thanks.