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Monday, September 8, 2008

Photos of Kitchen (ca. 09-08)

Photos of my kitchen, designed by Yours Truly.

Since the house is for sale, I figured I might as well post a couple of photos of my favorite space: the kitchen I designed. I think the project turned out fabulous, especially with the color tiles on the wall.

I really enjoy watching house redo shows; it makes me laugh when I see "experts" walk in a house, criticize everything and turn it into a "staged" space that makes it look bland and banal. Unlike some of the houses I see on these programs, I like houses with personality.


  1. Love your colorful kitchen. Great to visit with you last night and see your wonderful sketch journal- very inspiring! Paula

  2. The house is beautiful. Where are you going when it sells?

    I went through nearly every page of your journal last night, it is fabulous and inspiring.


  3. I enjoy your kitchen too. It has plenty of counter space... unlike my house which once had counter space but now has a lot of junk a few feet above the floor.

  4. I have always loved what you did with your kitchen. It is a colorful and welcoming room. And very functional too. Definitely the best of all worlds. :)

  5. Great kitchen. I'm trying to sell a house right now and it's been brutal. For a little more exposure, try posting it on Your Neighbor's Place.

    Best of luck with the house!